Coco Guitar – All the Rage in Mexico

Coco Guitar

Salvador Meza has been making guitars since he was a boy, but his leathery

hands have never had to churn them out as fast as now — thanks to the hit movie “Coco.”

Meza, 41, is one of many renowned guitar-makers in the Mexican town of

Paracho, which has been producing crafted guitars since the 18th century.

But the sleepy colonial town has never seen a boom like this — all because of

“Coco,” this year’s Golden Globe winner for best animated film and a box

office smash that has grossed more than $500 million so far.

Set in Mexico, the movie tells the story of Miguel, a young boy who longs to

Be a musician but is growing up in a family where music is forbidden.

Fate thrusts into his hands a white guitar incrusted with mother-of-pearl,

topped with gold tuning pegs and a stylized black skull

The skull, like the film itself, is a playful tribute to Mexico’s Day of the Dead,

a festival of colorful costumes, decorations and sweets during which,

according to tradition, the dead come back to visit the living.

Director Lee Unkrich has called the film a “love letter to Mexico,” and

Mexico loves it back: it is the country’s highest-grossing movie of all time.

The animators at Pixar, the studio behind the film, based Miguel’s guitar on

a real-life version made by an artisan from Paracho — and demand for

replicas now has the town’s luthiers working in overdrive. …

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