How to make a home studio?

Home Studio Is A Dream for every musician but what if That Musician has a low budget and want to make a home studio, don’t worry in this Article I will Show You How To make a Home Studio whit Just 150$ I well show You what You need To make A Profficionel Studio and I preamps that you will get High quality of sound.

1 – Audio interface

First You Need Audio Interface For That I find A cheap One But High Quality it is lexicon alpha

This gadget is completely extraordinary at the cost. Any antagonistic audits are originating from individuals expecting $300 worth of alternatives and execution from a $49 gadget.

You’re not going to utilize this in a multi-million dollar recording studio, however it is invaluable in a little home setup.

This thing has gone well beyond my desires and I have been recording bass tracks throughout the day.

I haven’t recorded through an equipment interface in an extremely lengthy timespan, so it’s abnormal to connect my Guitar straight to it un-amped and after that have what plays back sound unimaginable.

On the off chance that you are right now doing any sort of amp to amplifier recording and have never utilized an equipment interface, purchase this and it will change the manner in which you see home account.

The most imperative part for me is that it works with Linux in the least complex fitting and play way.

You simply plug it in, flame up Dauntlessness or Zest or whatever and you will think that it’s accessible as an interface.

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