It’s a safe bet that somewhere in Scotland a pop wannabe is making a stab at stardom.

But the potential produced in a studio stuffed with

state- of-the-art recording gear.

It’s being banged a BEDROOM

just like two songs in this week’s charts.

– just like two songs in this week’s charts.

Ex-DJ Lex Blackmore shot to No 9 with Remember Me – recorded in his Glasgow flat under the name Blueboy.

And White Town’s recent No1, I knocked Your Woman out by computer

dweeb Jyoti Mishra on second-hand gear – at a of cost less than a grand.

Now established acts with big studio budgets are going lo-fi.

Texas have recorded their latest album in singer Sharleen Spiteri’s garden shed.

And Douglas Stewart of the BMX Bandits has made his solo album for next to nothing at his home in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, with his two-year-old daughter Rhonda on backing vocals and toy guitar.

Douglas says: “I’ve tried to make it sound authentic. That’s why you can hear my fridge whirring in the background!”

Now you can have a chance of chart glory by winning our super McCormack’s portastudio competition.

here’s our guide to being a Smash-hit in the bedroom:

How i get started:

Assuming you’re not a guitar god like Eric Clapton, you might invest in a multi-timbral keyboard (about pounds 300) which reproduces the sound of most instruments.

And if you’re a complete musical numpty, you’ll need a computer (pounds 500).

Andy Gillespie of the music equipment chain Sound Control, says: “A computer is a great leveller. It acts as a kind of musical word processor,

enabling you to edit out mistakes before recording.” You’ll also need a midi-interface

gizmo(pounds 50) to link the computer to the keyboard. …

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