Musician’s Guide to Practice, Performance, and Wellness

music skills

which cannot remain silent.” Words are destined to fall short when it comes to capturing the essence of music, but the skills involved in making music

can be pinned down. and for aspiring performers, those skills are priceless.

The Musician’s Way articulates fundamental skills that bring about musical excellence. It merges concepts drawn from current research with

the insights that I’ve gathered across three decades in the performing and teaching professions. Part I, Artful Practice, describes strategies

for practicing creatively and efficiently. Part ii, Fearless Performance, maps out a route to conquer nervousness and connect with audiences. Part iii,

Lifelong Creativity, equips readers to look after their most important

resource: themselves. It shows how musicians can prevent occupational injuries, boost creativity, and thrive amid the demands of their field.

The chapters and sections are best read in order, but they’re also designed to function independently so

that a musician interested in a particular topic can singly read the relevant portion.

To achieve such independence,

some points are reiterated, albeit sparingly.

Many sections incorporate case examples. Such narratives are composite sketches of students with whom I’ve worked, although identifying characteristics

have been modified so that none depict specific persons. the book also employs a companion website

website, the site compiles . . .

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